maybach world premiere 2002 nyc

Maybach world premiere 2002

Maybach world premiere 2002 – the reviving of the Maybach brand.

The world’s most expensive car drives through the world’s most expensive city: an experience report from the rear of the new Maybach 62.

Paradise on wheels

New York, July 2002: A city is licking its wounds. Tourists crowd around a huge excavation where the World Trade Center stood. And the gorges of the big city are freshly scarred because gas, water and electricity had to be re-laid in some cases. So tough conditions. Especially for such noble pieces as the Maybach, which struggles to keep the pack of kamikaze taxis away from the two-tone painted body. From the driver’s point of view, the 417,600-euro luxury liner differs from the S-Class above all in the more wood, leather and chrome – and in the double M, which points the way instead of the star as the radiator visor. From the perspective of the rear passenger, on the other hand, there are two worlds between an S 500 and the Maybach 62. Its space, equipment and comfort even make a Bentley or Rolls-Royce look old.

Although the traffic is heavy, the Maybach immediately feels at home in the Bermuda Triangle between Tribeca, Central Park and Soho. Perhaps the air quality sensors in the two air conditioners will smell the money you need to make ends meet in New York: $8 cappuccino, $20 parking for an hour, $500 a night in a hotel. No problem for Brian. The smart yuppie is a banker on Wall Street. And he knows the preferences of the really rich Americans: “It’s the same with cars as with clocks, summer houses or beautiful women: They can’t be expensive enough. That’s why the Super Benz will make its way – guaranteed!”

Maybach world premiere 2002

The door to paradise is extra long and extra light. It opens and closes as if by magic, paving the way to a world that begins where first class ends. Thanks to a wheelbase of more than 3.8 meters, the Maybach rear is large enough to serve as a rolling meeting room, yet intimate enough for a mobile couple. The two seats have an enormous adjustment range. At the touch of a button, this car can be transformed into a cinema room, a bedroom or a mobile command center with intercom and internet connection.

“May… what IS the name?”

In Midtown Manhattan, where the Empire State Building greets us in a friendly way and the neon signs conjure up new patterns in the night sky, the transparent glass roof and the long side windows compose a very special kind of city panorama. Over in Brooklyn, where the border between the Big Apple and Gangsta Town becomes more and more fluid, opaque curtains and the electrically powered sliding headliner transform the Maybach into an anonymous fortress on wheels.

The contrast between the noisy, hectic city and the quiet, ideal world on this side of the tinted insulating glass is always fascinating. While outside the air shimmers in the midday heat, inside it smells of nubuck and nappa, chrome and fine woods determine the ambiance, the cigar box and on-board bar take the fright out of every traffic jam. However, the Maybach is not only recommended as a remote island of bliss, as a calming pole in the eye of the hurricane, not only in cramped, hectic and stuffy New York: this car even impresses from a European point of view with inner values ​​that set new standards in the luxury class.

Anyone who has a yacht and private jet will probably have to rethink on land and get used to a new brand whose name is unexpectedly difficult for Americans to say: “May… what? Why isn’t the car called Mercedes?” Good question.

Watch the Maybach world premiere 2002 (video length 7 minutes 36 seconds):

Maybach world premiere 2002

Maybach world premiere 2002 versus Maybach world premiere 2020. 18 years of difference, and there are noticeable big changes.





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