Maybach world premiere 2020

Maybach world premiere 2020 was much more different from the first Maybach revival world premiere back in the year 2002. 18 years of difference and a worldwide Covid pandemic that set the world fast forward into the digital age. If the year 2002 was very much pompose and regarded as one of the most unique and luxurious unvealing of a car brand ever – using a luxurious cruise liner from Europe to Usa, custom made glass containers for the Maybach 62, a huge helicopter that transported the big limousine across the New York city sky panorama and in the end a promo event on the Wall Street.

Check out the digital Maybach world premiere from the year 2020 that could be witnessed everywhere in the world – via computer or Smartphone and a good internet connection. What was back in the day reserved for only a hendfull of carefully selected people can now be witnessed by a whole wide world.

Enjoy the Maybach world premiere 2020 movie clip:

Maybach world premiere 2020

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